Welcome to African Linx!

African Linx was founded in 2006 to help promote and support the Kartong Festival. The long-awaited dates for Kartong Festival have been announced for Feb 24th-28th 2023. Details will be found on the Kartong Festival Facebook page …  https://www.facebook.com/KartongFestival

African Linx is a community-based organisation that provides a platform for the understanding and appreciation of our own and other people’s cultural backgrounds, particularly but not exclusively between those of the UK & West Africa.

It does this by organising festivals, artistic exchanges and workshops in the UK and in West Africa that encourage sharing and understanding of our diverse cultures.

African Linx aims to expose the music and art of other cultures, and give artists and musicians from many different genres the opportunity to meet each other and begin to consider collaborations leading to new and exciting works.